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K-Members | Team Z Motorsports

Team Z Motorsports is a renowned name in the drag racing industry, known for our high-quality performance aftermarket car parts. One of our standout products is the K-member, which is specifically designed to enhance the performance of Mustangs and more.

A K-member, short for K-shaped frame member, is a critical component in a vehicle's suspension system. It forms the backbone of the front suspension, providing support and linking various suspension components together. K-members are typically made from lightweight materials like 4130 chromoly or 1018 allow steel, which helps reduce weight and improve handling.

Team Z Motorsports offers a wide range of K-members specifically designed for different models of the Mustang and F Body/G Body. These K-members are carefully engineered to maximize performance by optimizing the geometry and reducing weight. By choosing a lightweight K-member, drag racers can benefit from improved front-end stiffness, enhanced responsiveness, and better weight distribution.

One of the main advantages of Team Z Motorsports' Mustang K-members is their weight savings and additional clearance for headers and turbo systems. When paired with adjustable A-Arms you have the ability to fine tune alignment.

In addition to the performance benefits, the use of a Team Z Motorsports K-member can also result in weight reduction. By swapping out the stock K-member for a lighter aftermarket option, the overall weight of the vehicle can be reduced, leading to improvements in acceleration.

Team Z Motorsports' Mustang K-members are a popular choice among drag racers and enthusiasts alike. With their focus on quality, performance, and adjustability, drag racers can trust our aftermarket car parts store to provide them with a superior suspension solution that will elevate their driving experience.

Team Z Motorsports' Mustang K-members are an excellent aftermarket option for Mustang owners looking to enhance their vehicle's performance. With improved handling, adjustability, and weight reduction, these K-members are a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to unlock the full potential of their Mustang or other car models. To get started, shop our aftermarket car parts store today.

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