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Steering & Pedal Controls | Team Z Motorsports

Steering and pedal controls are vital components of a vehicle's driving experience, and Team Z Motorsports offers a range of performance car parts designed to enhance control and responsiveness. Some of our offerings include the steering shaft kit, steering column kit, and manual steering rack.

The steering shaft kit from Team Z Motorsports is designed to provide increased steering precision and feedback. It is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. The steering shaft kit includes a new steering shaft, u-joints, and mounting hardware, allowing for a custom installation and improved steering response. With the help of this steering shaft kit, drivers can enjoy enhanced handling, added clearance for headers, and better control over their vehicle's direction.

The steering column kit offered by Team Z Motorsports is designed to provide a complete steering column solution for race cars. Additionally, the steering column kit includes the necessary mounting hardware for a straightforward installation process. With this steering column kit, drivers can optimize their driving position and have a more comfortable and controlled driving experience.

For those seeking a more responsive steering feel, our aftermarket car parts store offers manual steering racks. Manual steering racks provide a direct connection between the steering wheel and the wheels, eliminating any power assist and providing a more connected and precise steering feel. These manual steering racks are designed to be lightweight and durable, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding driving conditions. With a manual steering rack from Team Z Motorsports, drivers can experience a heightened level of control and feedback, especially in performance driving scenarios.

Team Z Motorsports' steering and pedal control products, including the steering shaft kit, steering column kit, and manual steering rack, are designed to enhance the control and responsiveness of the vehicle. With improved steering precision, adjustable positioning, and manual steering options, drivers can enjoy a more connected and enjoyable driving experience. Trust our aftermarket car parts store to provide the aftermarket car parts needed to enhance your vehicle's steering and pedal controls. Order online today!



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