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79-04 Mustang K-Member & A-Arm Bolt Kit

79-04 Mustang K-Member & A-Arm Bolt Kit

Team Z Motorsports
A must for any new K member, Replace all your old rusty stock bolts with new stronger bolts
Product Code: TZM-KMAABK-79-04


Team Z Motorsports offers all the fasteners you need to install your 1979-2004 Team Z Motorsports K-Member. Don’t settle for cheap hardware store fasteners. Each kit includes: (4) 5/8 x 4-1/2" Grade-8 Bolts; (4) 14mm x 100mm Grade 10.9 Bolts; (4) 12mm x 30mm Grade 10.9 Bolts; (4) 1/2" Grade-8 SAE Washers; (4) 9/16" Grade-8 SAE Washers; (4) 5/8" Grade-8 Nylocks. All SAE hardware comes in Yellow Zinc, and Metric comes in Clear Zinc finish.

*Includes A-Arm Bolt Kit*