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05-14 Mustang Poly Engine Motor Mounts

05-14 Mustang Poly Engine Motor Mounts

Chevy LS/LSX swap motor mounts for Team Z K member
Product Code: TZM-MM-S197


Team Z Motorsports includes Poly Engine Mounts with its S197 K-Member to affixed factory or aftermarket motor mounts. Mounts are designed with a 8620 Stainless Steel Sleeved Cap and UMHW Pucks to mount to our K-Members. Why did we choose UMHW? UMHW has very low moisture absorption, low coefficient of friction, is comparable to that of Teflon, is self-lubricating and is 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. This provides both strength and reduces NVH that is sure to last. Please note, these mounts will only work with Team Z K-Members and will not work with other manufacturers K-Members.