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Team Z Outlaw Series 4-Link Kit

Team Z Outlaw Series 4-Link Kit

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Product Code: TZM-4LK-OLS
The Outlaw Series 4-Link Kit is a high quality kit designed to hold up to high horsepower.

Select your desired housing bracket style:
• Mild Steel - 3" axle tube hole size
• 4130 - 3-1/2" axle tube hole size

Kit includes:
(4) Pro Series 1/4" thick 4130 chassis 4-link brackets.
(8) 1/8" doubler plates for chassis brackets
(4) Pro Series 1/4" thick Mild Steel or 4130 housing 4-link brackets
(8) 1/8" doubler plates for housing brackets

(4) 1-3/8" .095 4130 pro 4-link bars
(4) 3/4"-16 LH & RH tube adapters
(1) 1/2" x 3/4"-16 4130 Rod End Kit
(2) 3/4" wide billet threaded shock mounts with 1/2"-20 grade 8 shock bolts
1/2" NAS 4-link bolt hardware

This kit features NAS bolts with MilSpec nuts. Close tolerance holes for the 1/2" NAS bolts provide considerably less bolt movement than competitors systems. Features .750" hole spacing instead of the normal 1" spacing to allow for a closer range of adjustment.

During installation while mocking up and welding we recommend the use of grade 8 bolts with our 4-link jigs (available separately) to hold the brackets together in the correct position. After all the welding is complete we recommend reaming the holes and using our NAS 4-link bolt kit during final assembly for even less bolt movement. (Do not use a drill bit!)