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Stainless Works 3" Rod Builder Exhaust (Butt Weld Kit)

Stainless Works 3" Rod Builder Exhaust (Butt Weld Kit)

Product Code: RB3
Rod Builder Catback Exhaust Build Kits are a great solution for street-rod builders looking to make their own exhaust system. These kits are made from 304 stainless steel and include all the pipes necessary to make a complete exhaust system (hangers not included).

Each Rod Builder Catback Exhaust Kit includes the following: four 4-foot lengths of straight tubing, four 45-degree bends, four 90-degree bends and four 180-degree bends. Each bend has 6-Inch long legs. Choose your exhaust dsize and whether you would like the tubing ends standard (for a butt weld) or expanded for a slip fit connection.

Specify Desired Tubing End Style (Standard or Expanded)
Choose Your Exhaust Tube Diameter
Made in the USA
304 Stainless Steel Construction