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AFCO Eliminator D/A Mustang Bolt in Shock (ea)

AFCO Eliminator D/A Mustang Bolt in Shock (ea)

**Does not include springs**
Product Code: 3870R


AFCO Eliminator Twin Tube Adjustable REAR shocks are built specifically for drag racing. Using advanced onboard diagnostics, AFCO developed the Eliminator Series to precisely control your race car at every point on the track. With the easy-to-use, repeatable "click" settings, this shock will give you unsurpassed traction. By allowing full control over both compression and rebound forces, Double Adjustable shocks give the tuner the ability to fine tune every aspect of the chassis movement to provide the ultimate in acceleration control and overall drivability. Body Mount: Tie Bar Mount w/ 2.375" bolt centersShaft Mount: 9/16" Stud (3-1/8" length, 1-1/8" threads, 1-3/4" washers)

-Sold Each