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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How hard is Team Z Suspension to install?

    It is a true bolt in with the exception of the anti-roll bar! We build all of our suspension components on jigs to ensure perfect fit, our anti roll bar requires welding which can be done with a wire feed welder at home. We install what we sell so we are always looking for ways to improve fit and quality!

    Why don't you use Larger 5/8 bolts on your uppers and lowers?

    The ½ inch grade 8 fasteners are stronger than the torque box material the uppers are attaching to, here is an example, using a .250-inch diameter grade 8 fastener gives you the following shear capability:

    A = Cross-sectional area of the fastener size (since bolt bodies/shanks have circular cross-sections, use area of a circle) = Pi x r2 where R (radius) = .250/2 = .125, therefore A = Pi x (.125)2 = .0491 square inches (in2) Capability in shear = 91,000 lbs / in2 x .0491 in2 = 4,468 lbs. That's 4,468 lbs just using a 1/4-inch grade 8 bolt, on a ½ inch bolt the tension capability 22,647 lbs and the shear capability 17,870 lbs, it would take more than 17,870 lbs of force to break a ½ inch bolt, that's 8.9 tons of force!

    The 18 ga. material the torque box material is made of will fail long before the ½ inch grade 8 fasteners will!

    Why don't you use roller bearings in your anti roll bar?

    We have seen too many roller bearings fail! They are designed to turn high RPM, and spread the load over the bearing, an anti-roll bar is used to transfer force from one side to another (even it out if you will) so it never sees a full revolution, all the force is placed on just a few of the rollers, over time, combined with dirt, the rollers fail, or even worse seize, which could lead to an accident. That's why we use an industrial grade self-lubricating bushing, designed to take the type of load an anti-roll bar generates!

    Are Team Z suspension components streetable?

    We have many customers using our suspension on the street, but it was designed for drag racing (off road use).

    Why don't you offer a "heavy duty" kit?

    We do, it's the only one we sell, and it is heavy duty! Just like the bolt issue, the parts are stronger than what they are attaching to. We are trying to deliver the best value for your money. We could use bigger bolts, larger heim's on the arms, and inflate the price another 50% but that isn't needed! We are racers - we know what it cost to race! That is why we strive to give racers the best value for their hard-earned money!

    What kind of finish is on the parts?

    Our parts are finished with a high gloss powder coat.

    What type of improvement can I expect to see from installing one of your suspension kits?

    That depends on your current power level and set up. Most people see a great improvement in 60' times and down track stability. Additionally, the kit is fully adjustable, so it's fully tunable!