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Team Z Weld On Filler Cap
Our Price: $19.95

Team Z Motorsports offers a weld on filler cap for your fabrication needs. Whether you are building your own housing, or making a set of ballast bars, we have you covered. The filler neck and cap are made in house on our CNC Lathe to ensure a high standard of quality while being affordable. The filler necks are turned down from 8620 steel and the caps from 6061 Aluminum to provide high strength.
Team Z S197 8.8" Bottom Brace 2005-2014
Our Price: $135.00

Looking to add more support to your S197 Mustang with a 8.8"?  We now offer a weld on under brace for 8.8" housing.  Our kit comes with a pre bent and notched tube to weld to the housing, and a gusset brace to add even more support to the housing.  This kit helps in limiting the axle tubes to bend or move under load and higher horsepower.  Every piece is cut and bent in house. Proudly made in Detroit!
Team Z 99-04 LS Swap Transmission Cross Member
Our Price: $177.00

Team Z Motorsports now offers a bolt in transmission cross member for our LS Swap k-members!  Our cross-members are designed to work specifically with our 99-04 LS swap kits.  We offer our cross members for T400 and T350 Transmissions.  We use lightweight steel to reduce weight while maintaining strength, and have Poly bushings to reduce any vibration.